About Bladed Bouncer

As a fishing guide on the Missouri River, I’m always looking for new ways to help people catch fish. In 2015, I came up with the concept of putting a spinner blade directly on the bottom bouncer to create more flash and vibration while using the traditional live bait spinner harness or a simple bare hook harness. It worked. The wire visually vibrates from the spinner blade rotating. Any size, shape, or color blade can be attached to the swivel to adapt to the water conditions or your fishing style. After fishing and modifying the Bladed Bouncer for 2 years I started putting it to the test.

I had a select few anglers that I gave some bouncers to and I started discreetly guiding with it. The results were basically the same for everyone. Some days the Bladed Bouncer attracted more fish that were caught as well as the bigger fish throughout the day ended up on the lines with Bladed Bouncers! Flash and vibration are two of the most important senses that fish have and that is exactly what the Bladed Bouncer does. I view the Bladed Bouncer as more of a “weighted lure” and not a traditional bottom bouncer. The Bladed Bouncer is not a “catch all” answer to fishing, as no lure is, but it is the “World’s most Attractive Bottom Bouncer!"